Yubico Launches New Innovation to Secure Servers

PALO ALTO, Calif. and STOCKHOLM, Aug. 18, 2011 — A growing number of security breaches on servers globally have raised the need for simple and affordable security solutions. Yubico, a leading open source authentication solution provider, today launches the YubiHSM, designed to protect secrets on servers at a yet unmatched simplicity and low cost.

Hundreds of thousands of servers around the world are storing sensitive user data and cryptographic secrets related to users. A rapidly increasing number of incidents where servers have been attacked and sensitive user data has been compromised have highlighted the urgent need for better protection of servers. However, the high cost and complexity involved with implementing Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology generally makes it cost prohibitive, thereby leaving the vast majority of servers with sub-standard level of protection.

Yubico has solved its own server security needs by developing an “HSM Light” in the form of a small USB appliance the size of a memory stick where sensitive user data and cryptographic operations are moved out from the server to  the YubiHSM. This approach protects the sensitive information from being remotely compromised.

XPD is a Swedish consulting company, providing Internet security and custom developed IT solutions for financial institutions, energy and healthcare companies and ISPs in Europe and USA. For the last couple of years the company have been recommending Yubico’s YubiKeys for strong authentication and used it for StoredSafe, their own easy to use password security product.

“We welcome the YubiHSM as a great complement for YubiKey users who requires confidentiality, high availability and who wants to manage the complete authentication process and protection of cryptographic secrets,” says Fredrik Söderblom, CEO XPD AB

Successfully used for its own authentication servers and by several beta testers around the globe, Yubico is now offering the YubiHSM for 500 USD per unit, and it can be ordered from the Yubico webstore.

For more information on the YubiHSM, please click here[1].

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