XPD Less than 24hrs to Race Launch

Press Release / 04.08.2015


After course reveal today, teams are busily preparing maps and gear boxes for race start along The Strand, tomorrow morning.  

Teams of four from around the globe will cover a total of 648kms, for five to ten days. The course will see teams coasteering on Magnetic Island, trekking Mount Spec and Paluma   Range, mountain biking through rainforest around Paluma Dam, paddling down Burdekin River, and passing through remote towns such as Ravenswood.

According to Race Director, Craig Bycroft, the course was planned to give all competitors an incredible adventure that will give them memories they will remember forever.

First impressions from the top five teams….

Team Merrell Adventure Addicts (South Africa)

“Nice, fun start to XPD and good recharge sleep on Magnetic Island.  When the race starts we’re expecting dry and hot conditions for most part…. survive till the end”     Hanno Smit

Team Raidlight (France)

“First impressions are the trek orienteering will be hard but we are all orienteerers and the team is ready, powerful and impatient.  Just keep moving to cross this amazing country.  We are mentally prepared to run hard for 5 days”    Nicholas Moreau

Team Bivouac Inov-8 (New Zealand)

“The first two stages should be fun and hoping for a decent sleep with the dark zone on the first night.  The navigation looks tough on the treks but hopefully straight forward otherwise.”    Mark Thrupp

Team Mountain Designs (Australia)

“After the fun on Day One, the real race starts 6am Thursday.  After that we will be pushing hard to stay at the front as teams will push through sleep deprivation, and navigation in the rainforest will split the field.  The first team to exit ‘the maze’ will win the race.”   David Schloss

Peak Adventure (Australia)

“We are looking forward to the epic bike and trek after mid camp.  The starting day of the race should be fun and relaxing due to the dark zone.”  Jarad Kholar

As the race unfolds, according to Bycroft, “Team cohesion and mental strength will be biggest advantage for most.  Long course adventure racing goes beyond physical fitness and team work is imperative to get through difficult situations that can not be ignored.”

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