Press Release: Introducing the Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter


“The best tool is the one you have with you, on you.”

Introducing the latest and most versatile version of Wndsn flagship Telemeter products, the Wndsn XPD Quadrant Telemeter, released on 2018’s Summer solstice. This auspicious date is perfect for the debut of the revolutionized Telemeter, as the newly introduced quadrant side enables the user to measure the sun’s altitude on a given date. Even more so, Wndsn added 25 additional uses to this version of the device, bringing the total number to about 50; with more uses being explored continuously.

Wndsn Telemeters are wallet-size distance and altitude nomographs developed in the Wndsn applied science lab and combine a thousand years of civil engineering, surveying, navigation, and astronomy in one durable, low-tech, high utility instrument that can be brought anywhere, is self-containing, and independent of external, modern technologies.

Wndsn Telemeters are naked-eye tools that offer various means of measuring angular size, as well as graphical computers providing functions to process or convert the measured values. Their purpose is to help you navigate using known landmarks or astronomical features, to cross-check values obtained with different means, or in emergency situations when other methods fail or are unavailable.

Under certain conditions or in some use cases where laser rangefinders tend to fail or result in errors, Wndsn Telemeters prevail and can be used as primary or “second opinion” tools.

The newly used backside features functions derived from ancient astrolabes; a degree and slope quadrant, a shadow square, as well as sine and cosine arcs and an inclinometer scale.

This enables the user to copy dimensions from the real world onto a small ruler in their hand, and read the matching distances directly from the engraved scale, thereby computing navigational distances and other essential information about the world around us.

The credit-card sized brass distance nomograph is handmade and manufactured in the spirit of astronomical instruments of the Renaissance, built by the likes of Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, and Gemma Frisius. The scales are laser-engraved and precision-cut into 3mm black, high gloss acrylic. The Wndsn maker’s mark proudly adorns the device; scientific instructions are engraved and supplemented by a printed how-to. Made in Germany.

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Wndsn XPD, based in Berlin, develop and manufacture unique, custom-built navigation instruments. Wndsn support people to develop their skill in measurement techniques, and to apply that knowledge in everyday, practical scenarios.

Wndsn scientific multi-purpose tools combine contemporary empirical knowledge and ancient methods of wayfinding into timeless and practical designs. They can be used for all manner of navigational and metrological calculations, and are utilized in a growing range of work and leisure situations. Carrying a Wndsn Telemeter enhances the navigational skills and abilities of customers around the world, particularly when high-tech methods fail, or are unavailable. Wndsn deep knowledge of arcane science, constant cross-disciplinary research, and continual intensive testing, assure the user that their device will be useful, reliable and fun to operate during their adventures or missions.

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